I enjoy riding roller coasters. In just a few seconds, I feel that I have already experienced my whole life. When I stand in line to get on the roller coaster, I am afraid about moving forward. At this time, I have a choice: I can stay or leave. As a Capricorn girl, I choose to stay because of my unbelievable determination. When I get in the car, I cannot think about anything, and I feel my heart beating very fast; my mind is blank.

I forced my eyes to open widely and stare at the car moving along the pathway of the track. It’s already too late to enjoy the beautiful view. Then, it will be a few seconds of feeling like I am falling down to hell. I see a tumbling sky and hear crazy screams. I continuously feel like I am from a jumping from a 20-floor building. Friends asked me why I like to ride roller coasters; I think because I feel the worst when I’m riding on one. In my future, nothing can happen to me that feels worse than this feeling. After the car returns to the starting point, the game I play with myself is temporarily over. My heart beat returns to normal. That’s all that there is to it. Fear, tension and unrest–all these feelings are gone after a few seconds. But for me, I lose those few seconds of staying comfortable, except for the most important things in my life; this is how I receive the courage and confidence to start my life.



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