And We hosted a big PARTY!!!

VChallenge: Verizon wants to take it a step further and show them that Verizon not only has the best network and best deals, Verizon also always offers the latest and greatest tech and it committed to giving their customers more value in a variety of ways. Big Idea:And “value” isn’t simply getting what you paid for – it’s about the happy surprise of getting more than you expected.

Cafe Bustelo

Challenge: Starbucks currently dominates the coffee market, and coffee drinking has lost any sense of heritage, cultural color and flavor. The passion, excitement and romanticism is gone. Cafe Bustelo’s association with the rich and colorful history of Cuban, Caribbean and Latin American cultures can counteract that malaise. Cafe Bustelo crosses cultural boundaries with a vivacious appeal, and rekindles America’s excitement for coffee, bringing it to new and wider markets across the USA. Big idea: This is not a drink, it’s an adventure.–G76rC8

Fun Works

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Pop Chips

SF Environment Campaign

Challenge: The bag reduction ordinance helps reduce unnecessary waste, contamination and litter, the waste is costly to the taxpayers of San Francisco, as well as harmful to marine life. This legislation also saves stores in checkout bag purchasing costs. The purpose of this legislation is to encourage customers to bring their own checkout bags to reduce the impact of disposable bags to the city and the environment. Big idea: Everyone has clothing they don’t use any more. Make your own shopping bags by recycling your old clothes.