Verizon TV Commercials

Lunar New Year TV Prosperous

Winner of the ANA MC Awards – Asian Category Grand Prize!

It’s the best time of the year – the Lunar New Year, the time of great beginnings – for a fashion designer, for an architect, and for a father that wants to give his little daughter the best of everything.

This spot is rooted in the understanding of the Asian American immigrant’s drive to work harder, do better, and earn recognition by giving everything their best effort. We show Verizon as the network that aligns with their ideals, helping them to stay globally connected to what matters most and to bring their “A” game to life here in United States through the best technology.
Big Idea:
New Beginnings with the Best Technology from VZW – You. At Your Best

Mr Amazing TV

A humorous spot that demonstrates Verizon’s jump from the global standard of the 4G LTE network to XLTE with doubled bandwidth. It starts with an ordinary guy daydreaming of saving a girl from some thugs – but it doesn’t stop there. We let the audience know that saving the day and playing the hero – like rescuing a crowd from a blackout and bringing a sports bar back to life – no longer has to be a dream with the power of Verizon XLTE.
Big Idea:
Mr. Amazing, our HERO “save the day” with Verizon’s 4G LTE Network.

Mr Amazing Super Dad TV

It All Adds Up TV

Verizon Lucky Day OLV

Verizon wants to take it a step further and show them that Verizon not only has the best network and best deals, Verizon also always offers the latest and greatest tech and it committed to giving their customers more value in a variety of ways.

Big Idea:
And “value” isn’t simply getting what you paid for – it’s about the happy surprise of getting more than you expected. 

More Everything TV

Graduation TV


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